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A Warm and Comfortable Colonoscopy Experience


It’s that time of year. The holidays are coming and there’s a cold bite in the air. Nothing sounds better than staying inside with a cozy blanket, fuzzy slippers, a warm cup of coffee or cocoa and a good book or an old movie by the fireplace. It’s that time of year that life outside can get hectic, but all you want to do is stay warm and comfortable inside.

While the idea of a colonoscopy may not exactly sound “warm and comfortable”, your experience doesn’t have to be cold and unpleasant, as you might think of in a hospital setting. In fact, Bhatti GI

strives to make your colonoscopy experience as comfortable as possible. From the moment you get here, our parking is convenient, our lobby is warm, hot coffee is available (for your family or driver), and we always provide you with a warm blanket before, during and after your procedure. Above all, our staff is warm and caring and always makes you feel at ease.

One Bhatti GI patient recently said, “Thank you for the comfortable experience at your office. You were all very nice and professional.”

Bhatti GI can always get you in for a colonoscopy within a week, and now offers colonoscopies on Saturdays. Come in your slippers and jammies on a Saturday, and we’ll reward you with a well-deserved breakfast treat afterwards. We’ll have you heading for home in no time, so you can get back to that warm cup of cocoa and an old movie by the fireplace.

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Join us for Saturday Colonoscopies!


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