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Colonoscopies Don't Have to be Scary!

Many people fear a colonoscopy and dread the thought of it. The procedure is safe and effective.  And, a screening colonoscopy is hands down the best way to identify and treat colon cancer before it becomes a scary beast.  Despite that, many people avoid it and procrastinate getting one.  For some, the fear is so great that it prevents them from having the procedure done at all!  Below are a few tips for alleviating fear and anxiety about colonoscopies. 


Know When to be Screened

First, it’s important to know when you should get a screening colonoscopy.  For most people, screening colonoscopies should begin at age 50.  If you have a family history of colon cancer or other warning signs, your doctor may recommend earlier or more frequent screening.  Talk to your doctor about your situation.


Know What to Expect

Colonoscopies aren’t nearly as scary if you know what to expect from your clinic, doctor, and the procedure itself.  Visit your clinic’s website to learn more about the procedure and get preparation instructions.  It’s also a good idea to talk with your doctor or clinic about any fears you might have.  They will be able to answer all your questions and help put you at ease prior to the procedure.


Screening Colonoscopies in the Twin Cities

Bhatti GI can schedule your screening colonoscopy within a week and has appointments on Saturdays.  Dr. Ahsan Bhatti, Dr. Richard Huang, and Dr. Kashif Zuberi are skilled gastroenterologists (Dr. Bhatti and Dr. Huang) and general surgeons (Dr. Zuberi) with years of experience.  Our physicians perform your screening colonoscopies at Bhatti Surgery Center in Chaska.  Compared to a hospital, Bhatti Surgery Center offers increased affordability, a safer and cleaner environment, shorter procedure times and convenience.  Bhatti GI and Bhatti Surgery Center accept most insurance plans.

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Insurance May Not be Covering Your Hospital Colonoscopy


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