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Insurance May Not be Covering Your Hospital Colonoscopy

Did you realize that some major insurance plans are no longer covering your colonoscopy or upper endoscopy at a hospital? Insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield are requiring that colonoscopies and EGD’s take place at a free-standing surgery center, or ambulatory surgery center (ASC).


Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC’s) are modern, standalone healthcare facilities that allow patients to have surgery and procedures without being admitted to a hospital. In the past decade, ASC’s have risen in popularity, and for good reason. ASC’s offer a number of benefits to patients including:

  • Increased Affordability – As healthcare costs rise and insurance deductibles are getting higher, many patients are looking for alternatives to traditional healthcare – including where they receive care. Patient out-of-pocket costs at a surgery center are significantly cheaper than out-of-pocket costs at a hospital.


  • Safer and Cleaner – The rate of infection is much lower at a surgery center than at a hospital. The less time you spend in a hospital, the lower your chances of becoming infected.


  • Shorter Procedure Times – Surgery centers can get patients in and out much more efficiently and quickly than a hospital can. Surgery centers are outpatient facilities, meaning there are no overnight stays.


  • Convenient – Due to simpler scheduling, surgery centers can usually get patients in for procedures much more quickly than hospitals can. Surgery centers often offer free parking, a comfortable lounge area, and refreshments for family members.


Bhatti GI (with clinics in Edina and Chaska) performs most procedures at Bhatti Surgery Center in Chaska. This ambulatory surgery center offers the Minneapolis metro community a convenient, cost-effective, high-quality and safe environment for same-day, outpatient surgeries and procedures.


At Bhatti GI and Bhatti Surgery Center, we are delighted to offer our patients the highest quality care. We offer our patients:

  • Screening and Diagnostic Colonoscopies
  • We always promise to get patients in for any procedure or appointment within a week
  • We accept most insurance plans (*always check with your specific insurance plan for coverage)
  • We perform most procedures in our premier surgery center


Visit www.bhattigi.com or www.bhattisurgerycenter.com for more information.



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