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Esophageal and Enteral Stent

An esophageal and enteral stent is a support structure used to keep the esophagus or bile ducts open. It offers immediate and long lasting relief to patients with esophageal or swallowing difficulties.

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Procedure Instructions

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You must let your doctor know if you:
Have any allergies, in particular, to local anaesthetic or X-ray dye
have had a previous reaction to intravenous contrast medium (the dye used for some -rays and CT scanning)
Are on any medication to thin your blood, for example warfarin, clopidogrel, clexane or aspirin.

You will need to be an inpatient in hospital (usually an overnight stay).

If you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, you must tell the imaging staff so that appropriate advice can be given.

Day of Procedure

Do NOT eat for six hours before the procedure, though you may drink clear fluids up to two hours beforehand.

After the Procedure

Depending on how well the stent has overcome the blockage, you will be encouraged to increase the amount you eat and drink. You will be discharged home once any pain is under control and you are able to eat. If you do experience severe pain or no improvement in your swallowing in the first 24 hours after the stent insertion, contact Bhatti GI for an immediate appointment.