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Listen to what our actual patients are saying about their exceptional experience at Bhatti GI.




"Great location, friendly and outgoing staff, amazing facility, and Dr. Bhatti is knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly.  I have gone to Dr. Bhatti for close to 20 years now...and have always been happy with his service!" - Bhatti GI Patient


"Every single person who I met today was wonderful.  I had a good experience." - Patient 1/20


"The facility was really nice and staff was very friendly." - Patient 12/19


"Dr. Huang is by far the best doctor I've had.  And, I've been in and out of hospitals for the last six months.  (Dr. Huang) was the only doctor to find a cause." - Patient 12/19


"Everyone was very kind and I really appreciated the extra warm blanket.  Dr. Bhatti did an excellent job and I didn't even know what went on, so perfect!  Brooke in recovery was great.  The nurses and anesthetists were all excellent.  Thank you all so much." - Patient 12/19


"Definitely a 5-star clinic!!  You all made a "not so fun" procedure GREAT!  I felt very comfortable from the time I arrived until I walked out!  Thanks for the laughs too!!" - Patient 12/19


"First class, friendly, professional staff.  You have a high end, clean, high-tech operation.  Dr. Ching-Ho Huang is my doctor." - Patient 12/19


"Thank you all for making the experience the best it can be!" - Patient 12/19


"Very nice facility.  All staff encountered were friendly, helpful, courteous and competent." - Patient 11/19


"Overall, Dr. Bhatti is amazing and very thorough - he cares about his patients!  Thank you!" - Patient 11/19


"Very friendly and helpful staff.  (A real) person answered the phone!!! and helped make appointment ASAP!  Pre- and post-staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  They spoke well of Dr. Bhatti.  Beautiful facility." - Patient 11/19


"Thank you for the comfortable experience at your office.  You were all very nice and professional." - Patient 10/19


"A beautiful space with lovely staff!  So professional, yet kind, engaging and supportive.  So blessed to have found you!  I will highly recommend you!  My husband even decided he should schedule an appointment." - Patient 10/19


"Wonderful wonderful clinic and people. Thank you for the excellent care." - Patient 8/19/19


"Just a note of thanks.  It was great to see you again Dr. Bhatti and to meet your friendly staff.  I was so impressed with your beautiful facility....Thanks for making my visit so pleasant." - Patient 8/19


"Dr. Bhatti is very kind and caring and his well-trained staff follows his lead." - Patient 8/4/19


"I cannot say enough about the staff.  They are all great.  They make you feel welcome, comfortable, cared for and safe.  Thank you." - Patient 6/8/19


"Great work.  Fast, professional.  Great medical work." - Patient 6/11/19


"I was so impressed with the clinic and staff!  I strongly recommend it to everyone.  I felt so relaxed and everyone was so friendly.  I'm glad I chose this clinic!"


"I wouldn't want to go anywhere else...Dr. Bhatti and staff are compassionate, friendly, and we will continue to drive 90 miles to continue care with him.  Thank you." - Patient 5/19


"The whole staff and experience was phenomenal!" - Patient 5/17/19


"Thank you, with all I am!  For your patience & kindness & expertise!" - Patient 5/19


"I am thankful to Dr. Bhatti and the Surgery Center staff for making my colonoscopy procedure experience an excellent one.  Thank you for the wonderful care you provide!" - Patient 5/3/19


"Bhatti GI got me in right away, had a good experience and will recommend to anyone!  Thank you!" - Patient 4/24/19


"I suggest this place to a lot of people.  This has been my best healthcare experience in years.  Dr. Bhatti and staff have given me back my health after six years of active Crohn's.  Dr. Bhatti literally saved my life and I am so thankful for this place!" - Patient 3/15/19


"Staff was very friendly and professional.  Wait time was minimal and everyone seemed to be very knowledgeable of what was going on with my GI needs.  Highly recommend to others with GI issues." - Patient 2/18/19


"I am 100% satisfied with the care I get here at Dr. Bhatti's office.  All staff are amazing!!  Thank you so much!!" - Patient 3/8/19


"Thank you to the whole team at Bhatti Surgery Center. Professional, respectful, compassionate and knowledgeable are four words that come to mind. I will certainly recommend Dr. Bhatti and staff to others." -Patient 3/13/19


"Great job making an uncomfortable procedure so easy and painless - very friendly and knowledgeable people." -Patient 2/15/19


"Staff was very friendly and professional. Wait time was minimal and everyone seemed to be very knowledgeable of what was going on with my GI needs. Highly recommend to others with GI issues." - Patient 2/19


"I felt like I was listened to and was treated with compassion." - Patient 3/8/19


"I have been totally impressed with Bhatti GI. I credit Dr. Bhatti with saving my life! After three months of doctoring with regular doctors for severe nausea with no results and continuing to lose weight, I saw Dr. Bhatti. I had many GI problems and Dr. Bhatti was able to correct all of them. He is highly intelligent, extremely compassionate, and won't give up until he finds a cure." -Patient 1/19


"Everything about my experience with Dr. Bhatti and his assistant was excellent!  I loved both of them!  They were so concerned about my well-being and so clearly explained everything during my stay and phone follow-up with my son.  I would recommend Dr. Bhatti and staff in a heartbeat!" - Patient 12/18


"Top-notch facility and staff.  Everyone is so friendly and made me feel at ease the entire time.  Will recommend Bhatti GI to all my family and friends.  Thank you." - Patient 12/10/18


"I had my colon cancer screening yesterday at Bhatti GI and recommend them.  The anesthesia left me clear-headed and without any after effects.  The staff was friendly, communicative and professional.  I also liked going to a facility where the staff is highly experienced in this procedure." - Patient 12/11/18


"I was NOT having a colonoscopy...until I researched the best place to give it a try.  Wow, what an awesome place, and great staff, all the way around.  Thank you soooo much." - Patient 11/19/18


"I have been there two times and both times I was treated great!!  I am dealing with cancer and when I leave I always feel like I'm better just from the procedures and the personal talks with Dr. Bhatti. - 11/15/18


"EVERYTHING about my procedure, from the scheduling, reception, nursing staff, anesthetist and doctor, were friendly, respectful and courteous, as well as professional.  Thank you!!  You made an unpleasant procedure just fine." - MaryBeth 11/2/18


"I am a GI Nurse and I have to commend the staff and Physicians for the care I recently received. I was very impressed with the facility, the staff and physicians, the equipment and most importantly the care. Thank you." -11/2/18


"I've been bragging about Dr. Bhatti to everyone I know who is afraid to go in for a colonoscopy!  BEST experience for that kind of thing EVER!  And I mean it!  What a KIND, wonderful doctor!" - Patient 2018


"I really appreciated the precision of the procedure and no long wait times.  Staff was very friendly.  This was a breath of fresh air compared to the other endoscopies I have had!" - Patient 10/29/18


"I would absolutely recommend Bhatti GI to anyone who needs a colonoscopy! Everyone is so warm, friendly, and thorough. They are efficient yet caring at the same time. I will be back the next time I need this procedure." -Susan 10/29/18


"Things were so nice when I went to Bhatti GI's Surgery Center for a colonoscopy on Wednesday, October 17th.  Every one from admissions to discharge, that had a part in taking care of me, knew exactly what their job was.  My wife and I will gladly return to see Dr. Bhatti when it is time to have a colonoscopy again." - Chuck 10/17/18


"Everything was phenomenal!  Dr. Bhatti, Dr. B. (the Anesthetist), Coleen, Sara, Sam, Jennifer, and Staff were outstanding. I have had numerous colonoscopies in the past, but none compared to how I was treated by Dr. Bhatti and his Staff. They were caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, competent, and extremely considerate. Their goal was to make sure that I was totally satisfied with my visit and they exceeded my expectations. Thank-you Dr. Bhatti and Staff!!!!!"  - Bernard 9/24/18


"I have been totally impressed with Bhatti GI Associates. I credit Dr. Bhatti with saving my life! After three months of doctoring with regular doctors for severe nausea with no results and continuing to lose weight, I saw Dr. Bhatti. I had many GI problems and Dr. Bhatti was able to correct all of them. He is highly intelligent, extremely compassionate, and won't give up until he finds a cure.

The second thing that really impressed me is the staff. Not only is Sara a fantastic nurse, she is truly amazing in running the clinic. She always treats you as a special person. The staff is always happy, friendly, and caring. I feel so blessed that I was able to find Dr. Bhatti and his team!"

"Dear Dr Bhatti,
I wanted to send you this note to Thank you for the great care you gave me when I had to have a Colonoscopy and Endonoscopy. You were so patient and kind to me. I was so afraid, and you counselled me to assure me that it would be ok with no pain other than my IV, which was nothing.

In my test results showed my ulcer and my tumor, which was cancerous. They got it all and I am recovering each day!

I owe you so much. I tell everyone to get a Colonoscopy and will refer them to you!
Thank you and also thank your team.

Thank You Again!"

"Dr Bhatti,
I can't begin to thank you enough for taking me as a patient. I truly believe you saved my life.
You are the most caring doctor I have ever known. The same is true of Sara and all your staff.
Please know how grateful I am to you for everything you have done and continue to do to help me."

I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me. It is a comfort knowing how much you truly care about your patients.  You and Dr. Bhatti are very special people. I am so lucky I found you.  Thanks for everything."

"Looking for a GI doctor and want the best of the best go no further than Chaska Minnesota. THE #1 GI Doctor you'll ever find BHATTI GI, call 952-368-3800. The knowledge is vast, he explains every little thing to you in detail and his caring goes without saying. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. Also ALL his staff is truly amazing GI doctor. BHATTI is the one to call." - Steve, Saint Louis Park, MN 08/11/2017

"Just wanted to say how impressed we were with you and your staff." - Bryan

"Dr. Bhatti is the best. He listens to my concerns and lets me have a say in my son’s treatment. He is patient, kind, and even talks to me on the phone. All of the staff always have a smile on their face. I am so glad to have found them!" - Elizabeth D.

"Ahsan is an outstanding gastroenterologist. He is easy to work with, intelligent and very good at feedback for consultations. I highly recommend him." - Stephen

"Very nice office! Everyone is so caring and friendly! Dr. Bhatti and his team are wonderful! Its well worth the drive for great care!" - Shannon

"Exceptional visit and service!! I was seen immediately, office was very flexible and friendly. Dr Bhatti provided a good assessment of the possible issues I was dealing with. We were able to schedule the follow up diagnostic work for the next day. After the testing, the medications worked immediately. I feel wonderful and am very thankful for finding Dr Bhatti on ZocDoc and the way I was treated by his office and how effective the appointment was. It was a smooth, excellent process." - Mark

"I think the world of Dr Bhatti, as a friend and as a Dr. He makes terrible coffee, but shares his doughnuts and laughter. He is a generous and caring man. I'm proud he's my friend."  - Karen


"Dr. Bhatti has been my doctor since 2009 when I discovered I had some significant health issues. He has saved my life on more than one occasion. I am extremely proud to say that he is my doctor and we are lucky to have access to his skills set!" - Jeff

"What an amazing Doctor. I respect him so much!!" - Mary

"Sarah and Ahsan are nothing short of exceptional. Just simply down to earth real professional providers. Had a colonoscopy and Dr. Bhatti was everything I thought he would be. I expected him to be great from what I knew and past experiences and he lived up to that and more so. Words really can not express the relief, ease, comfort and happiness I had during this stressful period. They both were so great that I would have no problem going through that experience again every year. So easy. So enjoyable. Just GREAT people.
Made my treatment extremely bearable. High. High respect." - Dr. James M

"Bhatti and team are really exceptional. The way they received and treated made me feel like I was at a friends place or with family. Not only the onsite diagnosis and treatment, the team really followed up on how I was doing and also called me whenever I had questions or wanted clarification on my lab and diagnostic results. Bhatti also takes time to sit down and talk through all questions and concerns and explains really well. Overall, a very comforting experience. I am glad that I found him on ZOCDOC!" - Ram G

Bhatti GI is professional, compassionate and accessible. I am impressed and grateful for being able to make timely appointments to see Dr Bhatti and for a scope to determine my issues. The doctor and his staff are very kind and efficient. The clinic is conveniently located and very clean and bright. I am so grateful for the wonderful care received at Bhatt GI. - Annette

My procedure was nearly painless.The staff were very nice and professional.I was in and out in less than two hours. - Richard

I was in the waiting room for a very short time before a nurse escorted me in to get my vitals, etc. Everyone was very kind, professional, and unhurried! Very nice reception-I had everything explained to me by Dr. Bhatti; pertaining to my upcoming procedure(s). All procedures were done on site. Very Efficient! - Carole

As a patient who has had extensive G.I. surgical procedures at Mayo, I am glad to have such a competent doctor to trust my G.I. health needs to closer to home. Mayo has read his reports and shares that trust in Dr. Bhatti regarding my case. I would say his competence is equal to a level I have only seen at Mayo . He has literally saved my life more than once. I consider him a friend/doctor. - Michael

Simply the nicest doctor and staff with the best possible care. - Gary

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